Model 107 Factory in a Box PLC Training System

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Future Tek Model 107 Factory in a Box PLC Training System includes the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Processor with EtherNet, a 17” Color Monitor, Custom Training Software, and a Mouse.  The Model 107 Factory in a Box provides training covering:

  • CompactLogix with EtherNet PLC programming utilizing  RSLogix 5000 software.  The Lab Manual included covers Discrete Control, Process Control and Advanced Process Control with the CompactLogix PLC.  Interactive software provides 16 common industrial processes which respond to the programming applied to the built-in PLC.  Real-world results are instantly reflected in the animated processes.  Processes included are:
  • Analog I/O Primer
  • Boiler Room
  • Chemical Treatment Plant
  • Flow Control
  • Mixing Line
  • pH Process Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Seven Segment Display
  • Bleach Plant
  • Level Control
  • Discrete I/O Primer
  • Pressure/Flow
  • Painting Floor
  • Sorting Room
  • For/Rev Motor Starter
  • Dual Elevator Control


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