Model 6000CE-RFID


Future Tek Model 6000CE-RFID Conveyor Training System includes real-world devices with curriculum covering programming and operation for the Allen Bradley CompactLogix with EtherNet PLC and the Allen Bradley PF40 Variable Speed Drive with EtherNet Module, along with exercises utilizing this knowledge to perform real-world tasks involving the conveyor and its components.

  • CompactLogix PLC programming utilizing  RSLogix 5000 software.  The Lab Manual included covers RSLogix 5000 Tag Structure, RSLinx Setup, EtherNet Connection,  Addressing, Troubleshooting, and numerous exercises teaching  common PLC instructions.
  • PowerFlex 40 Variable Speed Drive programming and operation utilizing Drive Explorer Software and the motor included.  The Lab Manual covers common Drive  instructions, PLC Analog Control, and Troubleshooting.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Hands-on exercises involving the Conveyor and its components.
  • Model 6000-CE Conveyor Training System
  • Communications Cable (1747-CP3, EtherNet Cable, and USB Adapter)
  • Lab Manuals: CompactLogix with 5000 EtherNet Conveyor Instructor’s Manual
    CompactLogix with 5000 EtherNet Conveyor Student’s Manual
    PF 40 Drive with DeviceNet/EtherNet Instructor Manual
    PF 40 Drive with DeviceNet/EtherNet Student Manual
    Conveyor with CompactLogix Lab Projects Manual
  • CD with PLC Demo Programs and Step-by-Step Wiring in Powerpoint
  • Software: RSLogix 5000