CWT-300 Plus Commercial Wiring Training System

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Future Tek CWT-300 Plus Commercial Wiring Training System includes real-world devices with cur-riculum covering Basic and Advanced Conduit Bending , Commercial Wiring, and Motor Controls. Also included in the curriculum are Written Exams Using the National Electric Code.

This trainer provides a wide variety of learning opportunities and hands-on lab experience. It is de-signed to accommodate students who are studying commercial wiring installation, industrial wiring, EMT conduit bending techniques, rigid threaded conduit, Liquidtight® installation, and motor con-trols circuits. Students may also develop their skills in connecting circuit breakers, three and four way switches, single and three phase motor connections, photo control, lighting timers, flexible con-duit installation, and motor disconnecting means. A student manual is provided with blueprints for a wide variety of conduit installation, motor connections, motor controls, and wiring experiments.

  • CWT-300 Plus Commercial Wiring Trainer
  • Lab Manuals: CWT Lab Manual and Ugly’s Conduit Bending Book