L24-EDP-SIM-110V/24V Processor Training System


Future Tek Model L24-EDP-SIM-110V/24V CompactLogix EtherNet PAC Training System with Mechatronics Connection and Real-time Simulation includes devices and instructions encountered in industry: Allen-Bradley CompactLogix L24ER Processor with Analog, Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 40 Variable Frequency Drive with EtherNet Module, Allen-Bradley Color Touchscreen PanelView with EtherNet Capability, and a Three-phase, fractional hp, reversible motor. In addition, this unit provides PLC-controlled simulation utilizing Real-time Simulation Software, and actual PAC-control of Mechatronics Units (not Included). All components are Prewired, Preprogrammed with Demo Applications, and Mounted on non-conductive black textured panel in a heavy duty case.

Model L24-EDP-SIM-110V/24V provides hands-on training covering:

  • CompactLogix PAC programming utilizing RSLogix 5000 software. (comes with training manual)
  • PowerFlex 40 Variable Speed Drive programming and operation utilizing Drive Explorer Software and the motor included. (comes with training manual)
  • PanelView programming and operation utilizing FactoryTalk Software. (comes with training manual)