MCT300 Motor Control Trainer

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Model MCT300 provides students with the opportunity to practice with multiple motors, starters, push buttons, timers, and simulate a number of industry motor control scenarios. An AC drive is also featured for students to develop motor speed control and motor braking skills. This model is designed to allow motor control students to experiment with small horsepower manual motor starters, single magnetic motor starters, multiple motor starter installation, forward/reversing motors, multiple control station wiring, and time delay controls.

The trainer also provides training with limit and proximity switching as well as polarized reflective photoelectric controls. This unit features (2) three phase motors, a control cabinet that contains starters, timers, and indicator lights, and an individual control station cabinet which contains control push buttons, switches, and other components. This trainer simulates a situation in which the starters and timers are located at one location while the push buttons that control the motors are located at a different location. The greatest advantage to this trainer is its versatility in offering a wide variety of learning experiences. The instructor or student can develop many different motor control scenarios that meet the demands of needed training experiments.

The student guide includes a set of 15 project schematics that guide the student through several different motor control scenarios. Each of the projects require between 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete for a total of over 30 hours of hands-on training. However, this trainer is not limited to just the 15 projects provided in the student guide, Model MCT300 provides unlimited flexibility in hands-on lab assignments and offers the student or instructor the ability to customize many additional lab experiences to meet your training demands.

  • MCT300 Motor Control Trainer
  • Lab Manuals: MCT300 Lab Manual