Model 1232-E-SIM


Model 1232-E-SIM CompactLogix EtherNet PLC Training System:

  • 24V Banana Jack External I/O Connections for Interfacing Real Components to
  • PLC System & Simulation
  •  3 External Ports for Mechatronics Devices
  •  Simulation with Real-time response from PLC, HMI, & Frequency Drive
  •  Fault Insertion for I/O Troubleshooting
  • External Analog Input
  • Power Cord
  • Communications Cables: 1747-CP3
    USB Adapter
    EtherNet Cable
    MechatronicsConnection Cable
  • Lab Manuals: RSLogix 5000 with EtherNet Instructor’s Manual Including Simulationand
    Mechatronics Operations
    RSLogix 5000 with EtherNet Student’s Manual Including Simulationand
    Mechatronics  Operations
    PF 40 Drive with EtherNet Instructor Manual
    PF 40 Drive with EtherNet Student Manual
    PanelView Plus 600 Manual for RSLogix 5000 with EtherNet
  • Software Requirements: RSLogix 5000
    RSNetworx for EtherNet
    Drive Explorer
    Real-time Simulation
  • CD: 1232E Demo Programs for PLC Initial Setup and Simulation
  • Info Sheet: How to Use your Demo Program
    Independent Drive Operation
    PLC with PanelView Operation