Model 2102-P


Future Tek Model 2102-P Ladder Logic Training System is designed to teach basic ladder logic functions in action including the use of the built-in Allen Bradley Micrologix 1100 PLC.  The unit includes SPDT Single Break Switch Control, DPDT Single Break Switch Control, Start/Stop Control Circuit Using a Control Relay, Hand/Off/Auto Control Circuit, Time On Delay Control Circuit, Time Off Delay Control Circuit, and Combined Time On Delay and Time Off Delay Control Circuit, Pneumatic Cylinders, Solenoid Valves, and a Filter Regulator with Gauge.  All components are prewired and mounted on non-conductive black textured panel in a heavy duty case.

  • Model 2102-P Relay Ladder Logic Training System
  • Power Cord
  • Communications Cable:  1761-CBL-PM02, USB Adapter
  • Lab Manuals: 2100 Series with Pneumatics Instructor’s Manual
    2100 Series with Pneumctics Student’s Manual
    Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for Relay Ladder Logic Trainers (2100 Series) Instructor’s Manual
  • Software: RSLogix 500 Software
  • CD: Instructor Lab Show—PowerPoint