Model 2515 Transformer Trainer

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Future Tek Model 2515 Transformer Training System allows the student to hard wire transformers in many various configurations. The student will learn how the voltages, currents, and watts are af-fected through the different transformer configurations. They will work out the formulas, wire the transformers, and take true readings from the trainer to prove the formula’s results. The configura-tions the students will be using are single phase transformers, buck/boost transformers, trans-former polarity, auto transformers, three phase transformers, closed delta, and open delta configu-rations. Components are mounted on nonconductive black textured panel in a heavy duty case. The Model 2515 Transformer Training System is an excellent way to prove transformer formulas and theories by taking true measurements through the many different labs provided.

Model 2515 Transformer Training System

  • Power Cord
  • Lab Manuals: Transformer Trainer Instructor’s Manual
    Transformer Trainer Student’s Manual
  • CD: Instructor Show-PowerPoint