Model 3001 Belt Drive

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Future Tek Model 3001 Belt Drive Training System is a heavy duty system built to last.  The unit is designed for Table Top or Cart Mobility.  The training system along with the included manual and reference materials teaches Identification of Belt Drive Components, Installation and Adjustment of Belt Drives, and Calculation of Drive Ratio and Sprocket Size.  “Real World” Job Sheets are included in the manual.

  • Model 3001 Belt Drive Trainer
  • Kit Includes:

6 Conventional Sheaves

5 Hi-Power V Belts

1 Metal Yard Stick

1 Adjustable Sheave

1 Padlock

3 Extra Key Stock

4 Bushings

1 Lockout Safety Tag

1 Timing Sprocket 1 Hex Wrench Set

1 Timing Pulley 1 Std Wrench Set

1 Timing Belt 1 Tool Box

  • Lab Manuals: Mechanical Trainers Instructor’s Manual

Mechanical Trainers Student’s Manual

  • Reference Materials: Dodge PT Components Engineering Catalog

TB Woods Belt Drives, Sheaves, and Couplings

Gates Heavy Duty V-Belt Drive Design Manual

Gates Belt Drive Preventative Maintenance and Safety Manual

Gates Belt-Sprocket Interchange Guide