Model 3005 Pump Maintenance

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Future Tek Model 3005 Pump Maintenance Training System is a heavy duty system built to last.  The unit is designed for Table Top or Cart Mobility.  The training system along with the included manual and reference materials teach:  Pump Overview, Disassembly, Liquid End Disassembly/Reassembly, Coupling End Frame Disassembly/Reassembly, and Impeller Adjustment.  “Real World” Job Sheets are included in the manual.

  • Model 3005 Pump Maintenance Trainer
  • Kit Includes:

1           Small Block of Wood

1           Hex Wrench Set

1           Pry Bar

1           Feeler Gauge

1           Adjustable Wrench

1 Pocket Rulers

1 Tool Box

1 Std Wrench Set

1 Dead Blow Hammer

  • Lab Manuals: Mechanical Trainers Instructor’s Manual

Mechanical Trainers Student’s Manual

  • Reference Materials: Summit Pump Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Catalog

Sterling Fluid Systems Process Pump Service Manual