Model 3006 Pump Drive

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Future Tek Model 3006 Pump Drive Training System is a heavy duty system built to last.  The unit is designed for Table Top or Cart Mobility.  The training system along with the included manual and reference materials teaches Flow Meters, GPM, PSI, Cavitation, Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps, Priming Sheave and Bushing Alignment, Mounting and Removing QD Bushings and Sheaves,  “Real World” Job Sheets are included in the manual.


Model 3006 Pump Drive Trainer

  • Kit Includes:

4           Conv. Sheaves

2           Hi-Power V Belt

2           Bushings

1           Padlock

1           Lockout Safety Tag

1           Hex Wrench Set

1           Tool Box

1           Std Wrench Set

1 Metal Yardstick

1 Human and Pet Safe Antifreeze

  • Lab Manuals: Mechanical Trainers Instructor’s Manual

Mechanical Trainers Student’s Manual

  • Reference Materials: Oberdorfer Bronze or Aluminum Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump