Model 6000


Future Tek Model 6000 Conveyor Training System includes real-world devices with four (4) lab manuals:  a frequency drive manual, a PLC manual, a panelview manual (optional), and a conveyor manual.  The Conveyor Training System may be used as a stand alone frequency drive, PLC, or Human Machine Interface (optional PanelView) trainer.  As the students work thru the manuals, they will slowly integrate all three systems into a mechatronics operating system.  The Conveyor Manual ties everything together.  The students wire the components in the basic labs, then progress into the more advanced exercises having constructed a fully operational machine that mirrors real-world devices found in industry today.

The conveyor system is delivered pre-wired and programmed to perform the most advanced lab.  You will also receive a CD with the PLC lab programs and an animated powerpoint wiring show for each lab.

  • Micrologix PLC programming utilizing  RSLogix 500 software.  The Lab Manual included covers Initial Communications Setup, Creating and Downloading a Project, Uploading and Opening an Existing Project, Troubleshooting, and numerous exercises teaching common PLC instructions.
  • Model 6000 Conveyor Training System
  • Communications Cable (1761-CBL-PM02, USB Adapter)
  • Lab Manuals: MicroLogix 1500 RSLogix 500 Instructor’s Manual
    MicroLogix 1500 RSLogix 500 Student’s Manual
    PF 40 Drive Instructor Manual
    PF 40 Drive Student Manual
    Conveyor with 1500 Lab Projects Manual
  • CD with PLC Demo Programs and Step-by-Step Wiring in Powerpoint
  • Software: RSLogix 500
    FactoryTalk ME (optional)