Model 7000 Motor Control

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Future Tek Model 7000 Three Phase Motor Controls Training Package includes many of the common Motor Controls devices encountered in factories. These real-world components are prewired to terminal strips and mounted on non-conductive black textured panels ready for hanging on the Model 5100 rack included.  Each panel may be removed and replaced on the rack allowing the instructor to custom-build his/her own lab activities to fit his/her specific needs.

Wiring to terminal strips prevents wear and tear on the components while allowing the students to perform hard wiring exercises.  The Component Wiring Diagrams included illustrate the schematic diagram, symbols and connections to the terminal strips, students are not simply following a terminal wiring diagram.   Students are required to utilize their VOMs along with the Wiring Diagrams and Schematics found in the manuals to hard wire each lab.  Also included is an animated Powerpoint wiring CD to be used with each lab with animated step-by-step wiring illustrations.

This system can accommodate four (4) students at one time, two (2) students on each side of the rack.

  • Model 7000 Three Phase Motor Controls Training Package
  • Model 5100 Desktop Rack
  • Lab Manuals: Three Phase Motor Controls Instructor’s Lab Manual
    Three Phase Motor Controls Student’s Manual
    Three Phase Motor Controls Component Wiring
    Instructor Wiring CD (Powerpoint)