Model 7100-P1 Motor Control/PLC Troubleshooting

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Future Tek Model 7100-P1 Motor Controls/PLC Troubleshooting Training System tracks a student’s troubleshooting procedure and prints out the results. To use the system, an instructor selects the desired faults from the Instructor’s Guide, and using the menu driver software, builds a fault table for the student’s troubleshooting session ( Random fault insertion is also available). The instructor then enters the fault table number and the time limit for the session and turns the computer and trainer over to the student. The student then Determines the Cause of the Fault by Testing the Cir-cuit Operation and Taking Measurements of Voltage and/or Amperage utilizing the leads provided and the Built-In VOM simulator. Using the data acquired, the student then selects to replace a com-ponent or wire (connection) to repair the problem. All of the student’s actions are recorded and may be printed in a session summary specific for each student. There is also a Tutorial (Teaching) mode to help the student develop troubleshooting skills. A total of 51 Real-World Troubleshooting Problems and Solutions are available.

Model 7100-P1 Motor Controls/PLC Troubleshooting Trainer

  • Lab Manuals: Motor Controls/PLC Troubleshooting Training System Manual
  • Software: Custom Training Software
  • CD: USB Driver Info
  • Info Sheet: Troubleshooting Training Software Installation Info