Model 7100 Motor Control Troubleshooting

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Future Tek Model 7100 Motor Controls Troubleshooting Training System is used in industry to test new employees’ skills in the electrical field and to update existing technicians’ skills. Model 7100 makes troubleshooting labs quick and easy for the instructor, and meets secondary, post-secondary, and industrial curriculum requirements. Instructors and students love the challenge that this train-ing system offers. The system produces a Detail Report for each individual student, this documenta-tion is required for curriculum and accreditation. This training system may be used as a tool for introduction to Motor Controls. An instructor may demonstrate all the resistances, voltages, components , and values in the entire control circuit. Un-derstanding the resistance of each component, studying the operation of each component in series and parallel, and grasping how the voltage is moved from one component to the other must be ac-complished before any troubleshooting can be taught. Once the student has learned circuit opera-tion and theory, then the trainer may be used to select specific troubleshooting problems, from ba-sic to advanced. This trainer will also provide shorts (0 ohms across components) which cannot be demonstrated in other training scenarios.

  • Model 7100 Motor Controls Troubleshooting Trainer
  • Lab Manuals: Motor Controls Troubleshooting Training System Manual
  • Software: Windows Based Custom Training Software
  • CD: USB Driver Info
  • Info Sheet: Troubleshooting Trainer Software Installation Info