Model 7125 Heat Pump Troubleshooting

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Future Tek Model 7125 Heat Pump Technology Training System includes a Mechanical Section and an Electrical Section.  The included software provides a Tutorial Mode or a Troubleshooting Mode and fault insertion randomly, or specifically by the instructor (there are 148 fault options available).  The unit session time limit and difficulty level (5 levels of complexity) are variable.  Model 7125 allows voltage measurements, component testing, pressure measurements, temperature measurements, component replacement, and thermostat control.  As the student attempts to correct the situation, all readings, component testing, and component replacement steps are recorded.  At the end of the session, the instructor may print a Student-Specific Report reflecting all steps taken.  Detailed Student-Specific Reports and Fault Tables may be saved as a permanent record of each student’s achievement.

  • Model 7125 Heat Pump Technology Training System with built-in USB Computer connection and test leads
  • Lab Manuals: Heat Pump Technology Training System Manual
  • Software: Model 7125 Software
  • CD: USB Driver Info
  • Info Sheet: Troubleshooting Trainer Software Installation Info