Model 8500 Pneumatic Suitcase

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Future Tek 8500 Series Suitcase Pneumatic Training Systems include real-world devices with curriculum covering basic to advanced pneumatic devices and their operation.   Offered models begin with basic to advanced manual pneumatic controls-Model 8503, for basic to advanced electrical pneumatic controls—Model 8504, for an electrical pneumatic/PLC controlled system-Model 8505.  The curriculum included covers Pneumatic Basics, Control, Pilot Operation, Cylinder Cushion Adjustment, Cylinder Extension/Retraction Velocity, Regeneration, Electrical Control, and PLC Control (8504 provides attachment to an external PLC—Not Included, Model 8505 includes the Allen Bradley Micrologix 1100 PLC).  All components are prewired and mounted on non-conductive black textured panel in a heavy duty case.

Each unit is totally self-contained, with an internal air compressor.  Only 120V receptacle outlet is required.

  • Model 8500 Series Suitcase Pneumatics Trainer (8503, 8504, or 8505)
  • Power Cord
  • Communications Cable (8505 Only):  1761-CBL-PM02, USB Adapter
  • Lab Manuals: Suitcase Pneumatic Instructor’s Manual
    RSLogix 500 Instructor’s Manual (8505 Only)
    RSLogix 500 Sutdent’s Manual (8505 Only)
  • Instructor Lab Show—PowerPoint