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Future Tek Model RES2 Renewable Energy System enables variation of wind speed, light intensity, wind direction, blade pitch, … for an in-depth understanding of the interrelationships involved and how these affect energy production.
The Controller Unit (RES2-SW) includes an off grid inverter which connects with the Wind Turbine Unit (RES2-W) and the Solar Photovoltaic Unit (RES2-S). Utilizing the Controller, measurements and real time graphical data may be generated for wind velocity, voltage, current, power, light intensity, so-lar panel temperature, and turbine angular velocity. Several AC and DC loads are provided for various exercises. A battery charge controller is also included. This unit is mounted in a heavy duty case.
The Solar Photovoltaic Unit (RES2-S) is a 40 watt unit and includes a variable light source for indoor use plus an extra solar panel for outdoor use. The RES2-S includes a roll-around cart.

The Wind Turbine Unit (RES2-W) has been scaled (based on the power equation for a wind turbine) to be used in the laboratory. A variable speed fan is used to control wind velocity. Wind direction and blade pitch are also adjustable.

You can choose to purchase the Control Unit and Wind Tunnel (RES2-W) or the Control Unit and the Solar Unit (RES2-S).

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